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The Date is: 10/12/2018

Welcome to HaloHumor Wiki

Halo comedy wiki is a wiki about halo, and comedy, where you have no rights. you heard! NO RIGHTS!

Rules. That's right. RULES!!!! This isn't just any old no-rules wiki.Edit

The Rules are:

Cursing and name calling(including names with curses)are ALLOWED under official HaloHumor policy. So, wikia staff, dont block ANYONE for calling someone a dipshit of a fucktard. OR CURSING. Or you will be blocked yourself.

You have no, repeat NO rights. Only admins have rights. Sorry.

Users that are admins on Halopedia, our parody version, we focus on encyclopedic information, Halopedia is more of a laid back social networking site. Like facebook and myspace. Anyway, Users that are admins on Halopedia are NOT to be named admins.

canon is allowed.

Admins are allowed to make up words( As long as they state the word's definition on a seperate page.).

Childisism(yes it is a word. I just made it up. And I'm a admin. oh and, I'm the founder, so I don't have to make a WHOLE new page on it. That's right, I'm a EXEPTION.) is not allowed under HaloHumor policy. Only Adultisism( yes, another)

On each page, at least one CAPITAL letter word(like that one, you know CAPITAL) HAS to be on that page.

On each page, at least one of these:() (with letters in them DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in them.

Noobisim(i'm not sure if that's a created word or a real word. huh.) is not allowed.(under HaloHumor policy)

OK, that's it.

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HaloHumor policy is the official policy for Halo Humor. HaloHumor Policy